Store Manager

Full Time

Reports to: Regional Manager

Department: Operations

Role Summary

As a role model and business leader, the Laura Canada Store Manager possesses a contagious passion for fashion and customer service. Attracts, coaches and retains superior talent. Motivates and develops a winning team that provides a unique and memorable shopping experience to every customer. Has strong fashion awareness and is knowledgeable about our product. Responds to the unique characteristics of the market to achieve all key financial objectives as established by Laura Canada. Fosters a vibrant, fun, energetic and enjoyable store environment.

Critical Functions
1. Store Performance
  • Achieves all key financial objectives established by Laura Canada:
    • Sales
    • Closing ratio
    • Hours
    • Shrink
    • Dollars per transaction
    • Units per transaction
2. Customer Service
  • Observes and coaches team members’ behaviors to maintain high standards of customer service and product knowledge.
  • Trains and ensures all Sales Associates build and maintain their personal clientele using Laura Canada’s tools, and coaches them to improve their clientele development skills.
  • Demonstrates strong wardrobing skills by coaching and sharing knowledge on current fashion trends, product, and the customers’ unique needs.
  • Conducts SPA weekly.
  • Acts as a role model by providing exemplary customer service using Laura Canada’s customer service standards (management contribution).
  • Acts as a role model by promoting the website, store CRM, any loyalty program, marketing initiatives in place and direct ship.
3. Floor Leadership
  • Demonstrates excellent floor leadership and has exceptional control of the sales floor (customer service standards, fitting rooms, zone coverage, cash desk area) and monitors segment accountability results.
  • Schedules effectively to provide optimal floor coverage by using StoreForce (schedules should be prepared 2 weeks in advance).
  • Fosters a vibrant, fun, energetic and enjoyable store environment.
  • Continually monitors traffic trends and reacts in a timely manner and must communicate any concerns on scheduling to Regional Manager.
  • Ensures all team members contribute to their full potential towards the store’s success.
4. People Management
  • Recruits top talent utilizing all Company recruitment tools.
  • Maintains a performing team through excellent assessment skills, ongoing coaching and delegation of responsibilities to team members.
  • Identifies and resolves team members’ issues and deals with underperforming team members in a timely manner utilizing the Company’s resources and completing related documentation (PCP, SOD, NC, etc.).
  • Completes and submits to Payroll/HR all paperwork related to team members in a timely manner i.e. Application Form, Departure Notice, medical note, Vacations/Time Off request, Change Form, CSST, WSIB, WCB, etc.
  • Is responsible for the successful integration of all new hires through a thorough orientation, feedback and 3-month reviews.
  • Partners with Regional Manager to identify team members’ career ambitions and to develop required skills.
  • Adheres to and ensures that all team members are aware of, understand and comply with all new and existing Company policies and procedures (e.g. Dress Code, Loss Prevention, Health & Safety and Human Resources).
5. Merchandise Management (If store has a Merchandise Manager, the SM is responsible for supervising the MM’s management of these responsibilities)
  • Provides a store environment which consistently maintains Laura Canada’s visual presentation, merchandising and housekeeping standards.
  • Demonstrates creativity in dressing window mannequins to showcase the store’s inventory and adheres to visual standards, including any mandatory directives that may be issued.
  • Complies with all directives (e.g. receiving goods, implementing markdowns, processing transfers, direct ship and special order requests) accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Ensures proper execution of all marketing directives.
  • Ensures that merchandise is regularly replenished from the backroom to the sales floor to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Provides feedback to Category Managers on quality issues and to Regional Manager and Analysts on missed opportunities and inventory mix.
  • Ensures the maintenance of the backroom in accordance with Company standards.
Additional Responsibilities
  • Ensures the accurate and timely submission of various forms required by Head Office.
  • Completes all assigned administrative functions with accuracy and in a timely manner. Works through Merchandise Manager where appropriate.
  • Manages store costs effectively (e.g. supplies, damages, petty cash expenses).
  • Follows all O.S. procedures as per Company direction.
  • Secures and protects any confidential customer and team members’ information.
  • Contagious passion for fashion and customer service
  • A minimum of 3 years experience in a Store Management position
  • Ability to create a positive work environment where team members are motivated to learn and grow
  • Ability and passion to train, coach and develop team members in order to elevate performance
  • Excellent recruitment skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Innovative thinker with excellent problem solving skills
  • Strong organization skills
  • Open to feedback and implements change in a timely manner.
  • Overall retail vision
  • Ability to assess and provide feedback (on an ongoing and consistent basis)
  • Basic computer skills
  • English and/or French as required
Working Conditions and Environment
  • This is a full-time position (minimum of 40 hrs per week).
  • Each shift consists of 8 hours minimum.
  • Commits to the hours necessary to fulfill all management responsibilities.
  • Available to work days, nights and weekends.
  • Extended hours during the Christmas Season and special events (e.g. Family & Friends, Black Friday weekend)
  • Participates in inventory twice per year, all training sessions and team members meetings.
  • Works in a standing/walking position.
  • Lifts approximately 20-30 lbs of products/boxes/racks/stands.
  • Uses ladders as required.