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How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape

When it comes to completing your summer look, sunglasses take top honours. This season, there are countless variations in size, colour and shape, but determining the perfect pair to suit your features shouldn’t feel like mission impossible.

First things first: get better acquainted with your face shape. Identifying your most prominent features ensures you’ll score a style that truly flatters, from sunrise to sunset.

If you have a wide hairline, broad brow, and slender jawline, your shape is Heart. Those with curvaceous features that have equal width and length, a fuller jawline and no sharp accents are categorized as Round. Square beauties have an evenly-proportioned facial structure, characterized by a broad jawline and wide hairline. Last and perhaps luckiest, Oval shape gals have a highly versatile silhouette that measures longer from the hairline to the chin than it does in width.

Face shape: Heart

A pair of iconic aviators compliment each point of Heart-shaped faces and as a bonus, instantly ups the cool factor of any look. This very wearable teardrop silhouette flatters and minimizes the forehead, especially in slim wire frames with a delicate bridge. On days that you want to switch things up, let an oversized frame be your wildcard. Amplified proportions have a fantastic effect on a slim chin, particularly in pairs with eye-catching details along the bottom of the frame or lens.

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Face shape: Round

When features are soft overall, contrast is key. Sharp cat-eyes or classic wayfarers add angles to the equation. Presto, you’ll notice that these chic silhouettes provide instant depth and definition to your cheekbones. If you’d prefer a lengthening effect, try out rectangular frames, either with athletic-inspired shades or a retro reinterpretation of classic 1950s style.

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Face shape: Square

Strong features are nicely balanced by curvier sunnies; round, oval, aviators, and butterfly. Another top pick? Rounded cat-eyes, as seen numerous Spring 2016 runways at Paris Fashion Week. Whichever shapely frame you choose, make sure to note the proportions relative to your facial structure; the broader the face, the larger the frames should be.

Face shape: Oval

Without any prominent peaks or corners, Oval faces have it made when it comes to shades; this structure’s versatility gives free rein to play with round, rectangular, and oversized styles. As always, proportion plays an important part. The most flattering styles will match up with the width of the face, rather than extending beyond it. Styles that have exagerative detail at the bridge easily balance the narrowest part of the face.

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