10 月 31 2023


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Halloween Magic at Mayfair! Oct 31st | 3-4 PM

Join us for a family-friendly afternoon of Halloween fun at Mayfair!

Experience a Magic Show by Jordan, The Great of Tricky Magic, a renowned local Magician with many tricks up his sleeve.

But it won’t be just tricks! Mayfair will be giving out treats after the show!

Happy Halloween!

More about Jordano & Tricky Magic:

Jordano The Great, with an impressive 19-year career as a professional magician with his company, Tricky Magic, is ready to astound you! Prepare to be enchanted by a mesmerizing repertoire featuring captivating silk appearances and disappearances, an original sponge ball routine, and astonishing jumbo card tricks.

His act is a medley of wonders, including mind-bending rope magic, the mystical teleportation of a ring, the magical transformation of a $5 bill into a hundred-dollar bill, and much more. Midway through the show, Jordano will even share a few mesmerizing magic tricks that everyone can perform using just their hands.

The grand finale promises the thrill of a sword-through-neck illusion, followed by the jaw-dropping spectacle of sawing a kid in half, making this performance truly spooktacular! 🎩✨


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