Oct 31 2022


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Halloween Magic at Mayfair!

Join us for a family-friendly afternoon of Halloween fun at Mayfair!

Experience a Magic Show by Jordano The Great of Tricky Magic, a renowned local Magician who has many tricks up his sleeve.

And get ready to experience the wonder of Magic Mixies, presented by Toys R Us.

But it won’t be just tricks! Mayfair will be giving out treats after the show finished.

Happy Halloween!

More about Jordano & Tricky Magic:

Jordano The Great has been performing magic professionally with his company Tricky Magic for 19 years.

He will amaze you with appearing and disappearing silks, an original sponge ball routine, as well as jumbo card tricks. His act also consists of rope magic, teleporting a ring, turning a $5 dollar bill into a hundred-dollar bill and much more. At one point in the show Jordano will teach everyone a few magic tricks they can do with only using just their hands. His final act will include, the sword through neck illusion. followed by his sawing a kid in half illusion. It will be spooktacular!

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