How Mayfair invests in our communities:

Every year, Mayfair provides support for community initiatives that help improve our surrounding communities on Vancouver Island.

We work with our non-profit community groups by providing complimentary space in the shopping centre for temporary displays, and we partner with groups in being the venue host for larger scale events.

We receive many requests yearly related to our community investment initiatives, and we try very hard to accommodate each one, but unfortunately, we cannot support every request. Our decisions are based on our (4) four pillars.


Mayfair Shopping Centre Complimentary Kiosk

Many charitable organizations have set up at Mayfair Shopping Centre to raise money and awareness over the years. Any non-profit charitable groups, organizations or clubs that are a registered BC Society or have Charitable Tax status are eligible to apply for the complimentary space.

The location must be used solely for fundraising, information awareness or registration events.

If you represent a charity or non-profit organization and wish to set up at Mayfair Shopping Centre, please send us:

  • Detailed information about your group including Society Number or Charity Number.
  • Objective and or purpose of fundraising event, information display etc..
  • Contact information
  • Dates requested

Please submit your request via the form below or send it with complete details by mail, or fax:

Mayfair Shopping Centre
#221-3147 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC   V8Z 6E3

Upon approval, your organization will be required to complete:

  • Sign a Temporary Occupancy Agreement (TOA)
  • Submit $3 million liability insurance naming Central Walk Mayfair Shopping Centre Inc. as additional insured


We thank you in advance for your commitment to Mayfair Shopping Centre and for your interest in having Mayfair support or sponsor your event. Community investments and givings are focused on non-profit charitable groups, organizations, or clubs that are registered societies or have Charitable tax statuses. They are focused on the following (4) four key areas:

Education & Sports for Young People: projects that promote Athletics, Learning, Literacy and Leadership.

Health & Safety: programs and initiatives that promote the health and safety of our community.

Environment: waste and pollution reduction projects; carbon footprint reduction projects; natural resource conservation projects.

Social Welfare: projects that enhance community quality of life for citizens.

Please forward requests for donations, prizes and/or sponsorships to:

Mayfair Shopping Centre
#221-3147 Douglas St.
Victoria, BC V8Z 6E3
Email: [email protected]

We ask that you allow a minimum of (3) three weeks for processing your request(s).