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At Saje Natural Wellness we want to help you feel better, naturally. Founded in 1992 by Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Kate Ross LeBlanc, a passionate husband and wife team, Saje began introducing people to the healing power of 100% natural, plant-derived alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. After a car accident, Jean-Pierre was faced with a series of health challenges and chronic pain. Seeking a healthier, more effective and natural solution, he leveraged his background in chemistry to blend his first essential oil remedies to aid in his recovery. These original formulations are best sellers and still available at Saje today. They form the core of our remedial products which have earned Natural Health Registration numbers from Health Canada and have been recognized as OTCs (over the counter medications) by the US Food and Drug Administration. Having grown up in her mom's retail business, Kate already had a lifelong love for everything retail. This included a natural talent for design and “everything beautiful” and also shaped her vision for outrageous customer experiences. As Kate witnessed Jean-Pierre’s extraordinary wellness turnaround, the two partners were inspired to share this discovery with the world. This is what ignited the mission to connect people with the healing power of plants and ultimately expanded Saje’s product line with other 100% natural products. Almost three decades later, Kate’s original customer service pledge and Jean-Pierre’s commitment to 100% natural formulations remain the founding pillars of the company. The Saje we see today is truly special. In every Saje shop, people are inspired to live healthier and happier lives, team members are inspired to contribute and make a difference, and a stronger, healthier community is built one wellness goal at a time. Welcome to the Saje community.


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